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Tank & Hopper

Click to Download Brochure Mechanical Floor Stand Tank And Hopper Scales
Tanks and/or hoppers are usually furnished by the customer. Cardinal tank and hopper scales can be supplied in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit almost any individual tank or hopper. The scales are designed so that the hopper or tank legs can be mounted directly on the scale girder chairs or on the fabricated steel weighbridge, whichever is preferred.

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Click to Download Brochure Suspension Hopper Scales
Cardinal Suspension Hopper Scales are used in all types of industry where weighing of bulk, weighing of batching, proportioning, compounding, charging, filling and processing is desired. These scales can be used in fixed positions or can be installed on lorry cars or on a monorail system, whichever is best for your application. They are built with such flexibility they can be installed on virtually any special equipment application required. These scales can be adapted for square, round or rectangular hoppers.

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